How much has the US spent on Ukrainian aid?

Seventy-five billion dollars — that’s about how much aid the U.S. has committed to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s bloody, full-scale invasion. 

It’s a big number that includes a lot of assistance for the war-weary country. Military aid makes up the vast majority of that number — a whopping $45 billion. 

The Pentagon has a running list of what those funds have paid for: Air defense systems, tens of thousands of artillery rounds, armored vehicles, aircraft and unmanned aerial systems. 

Aside from the military support, funding pledged by the U.S. foots the bill for humanitarian aid and financial assistance. Under that umbrella: Training, medical supplies, generators and rebuilding. It’s more than the U.S. distributes in aid to any other country.  

And after more than a year of brutal war in Ukraine, Americans are split between those who see it as critical support for a fight for democracy and those who question the huge amount of money — especially Republicans. 

Compared to the entire U.S. defense budget of $1.77 trillion, $75 billion can seem pretty small. But consider this: U.S. military aid to Ukraine represents 4.2% of the total $1.77 trillion U.S. defense budget. 

For Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the millions of Ukrainians who benefit from this aid — it’s priceless. 

“Especially now when the war is here, this is a difficult challenge and a tough period for our society. And always the leaders of the United States when they come it’s this great message of support,” said Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.